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Cinders Commercial Gas BBQ

Cinders Commercial Gas BBQ

90cm Authentic Paella Pan & 70cm Gas Burner Set

- 90cm pan - 70cm gas burner set
£78.00 £65.00

A 90cm pan will serve 19 to 20 people as a moderate main course or 30 to 40 people as a tapas portion. These portion sizes are based on the size of a standard British dinner plate. The manufacturer, and the label in the middle of the pan will tell you it will feed a few more but in our experience this is never the case.

The Vaello pan is used in homes and restaurants across Spain to produce the nations favourite dish. Manufactured from polished Carbon Steel the pan is very well made and durable it features Vaello's signature 4 green riveted handles and a dimpled base to allow for an even distribution of heat across the pan to give perfect cooking results every time.

The pan can be used on hobs (gas electric and ceramic - including induction), on BBQs, in ovens, on open fires or even better on this outdoor gas burner ring which you can buy here as a set and these are used together all over.

The gas burner ring is also made by Vaello and measures 70cm in diameter and is the perfect accompliment for the 90cm Paella pan. The burner is extremely well made and finished in black powder coated steel. It features three burner rings which are independently adjustable with 3 fully adjustable temperature control knobs to allow for cooking with the 90cm pan or larger but also for only using the smaller inner rings if you are cooking for fewer guests using one of our smaller pans.

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