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  1. Wedding Hire: Why you don’t need exact numbers

    The wedding season is almost upon us and already we are taking orders for beautiful ceremonies all around the region. A question we often get asked about wedding hire is one of numbers; when the right time to commit to an order is and if an order can be adjusted up or down if numbers of guests change.

    As with anything, the earlier an order is placed the better as availability is limited and can be stretched in really busy periods. However, with many functions being run on a strict budget there can be a real antipathy towards hiring any wedding hire equipment that is not going to be used and we can understand why customers might be reluctant to hold back their order.

    However, while budgeting to the penny can appear to be the course of wisdom, experience t

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  2. Are you ready for your collection?

    The party is over, the wedding is finished, the exhibition is done. All that remains is for your hire equipment to be collected and everything else is just a pleasant memory. While your event is over, our work isn’t done and there are a few things that can help us make our collection from you a speedy and efficient exercise.

    Repack items

    There is no need to tell us how bad a hangover can feel. We’re all reasonably experienced in them here, so we know how hard it can be to tidy up the aftermath of a party. However, it’s a job that needs to be done so that we can collect our hire equipment.

    For crockery,

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  3. Gazebo Hire Dos and Don’ts

    As the days get longer and the evenings get warmer, the amount of gazebo hire we deliver along with other outdoor hire goes up dramatically. If you’ve never hired a gazebo before you might be a little bit unsure about what you need to know – but fear not! We’ve put this guide together to help you understand everything about Gazebos.

    Gazebo Hire: Putting them up

    One of the big questions we get asked about gazebo hire is simply how hard they are to install on site. The good news is that they are easy to erect – but we recommend using two people to do the job properly.

    Pop-up gazebos work via a telescoping mechanism. When you take a gazebo out of its bag, it will be closed up and will need to be opened out. The temptation might be to do this by yourself but this can ruin the mechanism as the gazebo will be opened une

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  4. Longer Opening Hours

    Our phone lines are open for longer...

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  5. Why Contact is Key

    We do our best to make sure we serve you as well as we can - but sometimes some things go wrong. Read about what to do in those situations to prevent things from escalating.

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  6. Help with your Christmas Party Hire

    Find out how we can get your bells jingling with our Christmas Party Hire

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  7. Introducing Premium Delivery

    We're improving our delivery service. Find out how...

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  8. We've Been Shortlisted For An Award

    Find out why we've been nominated

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  9. Christmas Opening Hours

    Read more about when we're open for Christmas Party Hire

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  10. New Look Website, Same Great Service

    Find out all about our new look

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