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Last Minute Orders

It's a pain when it happens but sometimes it's unavoidable - sometimes things need to be sorted out last minute. Maybe someone has decided to throw a spontaneous party, maybe the people who weren't going to be able to make it can now; there are millions of reasons why people need to order from us right before an event.

Being an ecommerce catering hire website, we know that part of our job is to be as responsive as we can to orders that come in at the last minute because it's the nature of what we do. If crockery, cutlery, glassware or even furniture is needed last minute, we'll do what we can to fulfil the order - but there are ways that customers can help us. Here is our handy guide to ordering last minute.

Call us

The most important thing any customer can do in this situation is to speak to a member of the team on 0800 910 1001. We can advise what immediate stock availability is like, how the drivers' schedule has been mapped out and how we can best fulfil requirements. Sometimes, when it’s exceptionally busy we might have limited availability in some products but we will always endeavour to offer a viable alternative.

When placing an order online, the system will notify a customer to call us anyway if ordering less than seven days in advance. This is really important - it ensures that any issues with stock can be sorted quickly and we can work out if we need to change anything with respect to delivery schedules. 


As a rule, we plan out delivery schedules between four and seven days in advance. During busy periods, our drivers can have upwards of ten deliveries and collections to do each day and fitting in more can be tricky - especially if distances between drops are tight. Wherever possible we will try to accommodate the time and date that has been requested for delivery and collection but the nearer to the event the order has come in, the more we have to request customers are flexible about when we can deliver and collect.

It’s always possible the customer themselves aren’t needed to be at the venue for delivery; we can often arrange to deliver to a venue directly so that it’s ready and waiting for a customer when they arrive.

As an ecommerce platform Cotswold Catering and Event Hire has been designed to be responsive to the needs of our customers and to be able to react quickly. We’re proud that we have helped out so many events with last minute pieces of catering hire, table linen and exhibition furniture to ensure that everything goes right. If you need something for your next event, exhibition or occasion get in touch with us now or book online.

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