Chepstow Furniture Hire

Chepstow is a town in the county of Monmouthshire, close to the border with Gloucestershire. It is located on the River Wye, close to where that river joins the River Severn. The town lies 28 miles to the north east of Cardiff and about 18 miles to the north-west of Bristol across the old Severn Bridge crossing.

The town has been known since medieval times as a port and trading centre. Just downhill from the town centre is Chepstow Castle, whose oldest section dates back to the 11th century and was built to defend the town from potential attacks. The castle has largely fell to ruin since the English Civil War but is preserved by Cadw and is opened to visitors year around. Like the castle, the port facilities in the town have virtually disappeared and now the town is very much based on a service and tourism economy.

The Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty lies just to the north of Chepstow which makes for some very scenic settings for events and occasions. Chepstow's great transport links via the M48 and A48 mean it's easy for our drivers to get to the town and we're often around and about making deliveries. Some of the items we deliver to Chepstow include:

Chepstow Linen Hire

Linen is an integral part of the setting for many different kinds of events. We stock linen in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes to help you to find what you need.

We offer linen in a range of different colours. It might be that you want a tablecloth so your tables match a particular aesthetic, or that you want to use table runners to just add a detail of colour to your table. We have stock available to help work with either kind of idea.

Because banqueting tables come in different shapes and sizes, so does our linen. We offer linen to fit all standard sizes of dining tables, and our team can help advise on what size you need depending on how much “drape” you want surrounding the tables. 

Chepstow Crockery Hire

The simple cup, plate and bowl are among some of the items that we hire out most at Cotswold Catering and Event Hire. They’re not the most glamorous of items we stock but they’re an important part of many kinds of events and occasions.

We stock crockery in various different shapes and sizes to match different styles of occasions and different themes. Just as importantly, we have built up a large quantity of stock in availability to ensure we can meet demands for even the biggest events and wedding without a struggle. We do recommend that for bigger events that you order with plenty of notice to ensure it can be picked in time.

If washing up isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Our “send it back dirty” service means all you have to do after your event is to scrape the crockery clean of any food items, put them back into the packing crates that they were delivered in and we will do the rest back at the warehouse while you relax.

Chepstow Table Hire

We have a great selection of table hire to suit a wide variety of events and special occasions. We can offer anything you might need from designer tables for events and conferences to traditional banqueting tables for weddings and functions.

Tables generally come in three types, based on how tall they are.

The tallest style of tables are called poseur tables or cocktail tables. These tables that you might find at bars and at cocktail parties and are designed either for standing up around or sitting at on bar stools. Our selection of poseur tables come in a range of colours and styles.

The lowest style of tables are coffee tables. These are low tables which are used for placing cups of coffee (hence the name), magazines and the like on and are usually surrounded by sofas or couches. We have a range of coffee tables for any type of event.

In the middle are banqueting tables. These are a set size (30 inches) in height and are the standard size for dining tables. We have round, oval and rectangular tables which can help with any size or layout of room.