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Commercial Glass/Dish Washer - 45cm Basket

  • Supplied with three 45cm baskets
  • Requires hot/cold water supply within 1m via a washing machine pipe feed
  • Also requires both rinse aid and detergent via suction pipes



Keeping a steady supply of glasses or crockery can be crucial if your event is offering a large number of drinks. This commercial glass/dish washer is perfect to help you ensure you don't run out.

This machine needs to be hooked up to a cold water supply within 1 metre via a washing machine pipe feed. It requires both rinse aid and detergent (both provided), which both connect to the machine via suction pipes. Easte is gravity fed via standard grey pipe. The washer comes with three 45cm baskets.


  • W 520 x D 520 x H 795mm approx
  • Gravity Drain
  • 13-16amp
  • 1 x Glass/cup Basket (New)
  • 1 x Plate Basket (New)
  • 1 x Cutlery Basket
  • Auto Detergent (provided)
  • Auto Rinse aid (provided)
  • Top and Bottom Wash/Rinse Arms
  • Simple Switch Button Controls
  • Double Filtration
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