Table Hire Gloucester

Table Hire Gloucester


Table Hire is at the centre of pretty much everything we do. It’s something that is used in some way for almost all kinds of events, from weddings and banquets to exhibitions and conferences.

There are many different types of table hire available and knowing what to use can be confusing sometimes. We’ve put together this guide to explain the three main kinds of tables, the kinds of events they are mostly used in and what to expect from that kind of table hire.

Poseur Table Hire Gloucester

The tallest style of tables we stock are called poseur tables or cocktail tables. These tables are the kind that you might find at bars or at cocktail parties and are designed either for standing up around or sitting at on bar stools. They are generally around 60cm in diameter and are considered to be suitable for four people to stand or sit around with drinks.

We offer various types of poseur table. These range from a basic metallic silver poseur table to LED colour changing poseur tables and designer spree tables. While cost is often a factor, having the right kind of table for the aesthetic of your event is important too. We also stock stretchy linen in black and white to cover poseur tables which can help achieve that.

Coffee Table Hire

The lowest style of tables we stock are coffee tables. These are traditionally low tables which are used for placing cups of coffee (hence the name), magazines and the like on and are usually surrounded by sofas or couches.

Coffee tables look great in settings where people are to meet in comfort such as exhibition stands or conferences. Because they are lower, they should be used in more relaxed and informal settings rather than as somewhere for people to work or eat.

We offer both traditional and more contemporary styles of coffee table to match the look and feel of your event. Traditional coffee tables tend to be of a wooden construction while more contemporary ones will use materials such as glass and chrome.

Banqueting Table Hire

Banqueting tables are one of the staples of our furniture hire service. These are a set size (30 inches) in height which is standard for dining tables. They come in three different shapes which are oval, rectangular and circular. If you are unfamiliar with furniture it can be difficult to understand how many people can sit around each so we’ve made a list below with what are the standard recommendations for each size. The lower end of the ranges given will sit the number given comfortably while the upper end will be more of a squeeze.

Rectangular tables

  • 4’ Rectangular Table: 2 – 4 people
  • 6’ Rectangular Table: 4 – 6 people

Circular Tables

  • 3’ Circular Table: 2 people. These are usually used as a drinks or cake table at a wedding.
  • 5’ Circular Table: 6 – 8 people
  • 6’ Circular Table: 8 – 10 people

Oval Tables

  • 90” x 40” Oval Table: 8 – 10 people
  • 96” x 50” Oval Table: 10 – 12 people

Our banqueting tables are made of solid pieces of wood and come with folding legs to make them easier to move and store. This can sometimes pose problems with delivery, particularly with the bigger tables. If the tables are to be taken into a lift, please ensure that there is plenty of room for the table to fit.

We carry linen to fit all sizes of table, with handy categories on our website to help you find the right size linen hire for your tables.